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Citi Bike - New York City Bike Share

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Following Washington D.C.'s successful program, New York City kicks off what will be the country's biggest big sharing project, where riders throughout the city will be able to share over 10,000 bikes with their neighbors. Although there has been plenty of negative publicity surrounding Citi Bank's sponsorship of the program, the ad-covered bike sharing stalls, and the removal of ever-precious parking spots to make room for them, all signs still point to New York City's Citi Bike being widely successful, giving programs on the other side of the Atlantic a run for their money. Early registration for the program began in April, where riders pay just over $100 for an annual membership to get their hands on a sturdy urban cruiser for up to 45 minutes at a time with no additional charge before locking it up at any other station. After 45 minutes, riders will incur an escalating series of charges, encouraging use for quick errands instead of jumping behind the wheel. Riders will have to provide their own helmets, but you do get a 3-speed with an adjustable seatpost, self-powered rear LED lights, a front basket, and no-spray fenders and chain guards. You can also read more about the program at the CitiBike NYC website, download the handy App to be your new co-pilot to your new bike adventures, and sign-up to get rolling.