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Peter Belanger: The Man Behind Many of Apple's Iconic Product Images

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Apple has always let their products speak for themselves; choosing to go with minimalist photos, ads, and marketing campaigns that are heavy on products shots of their sleek gadgets and light on the gimmicks. If you've ever wondered who is behind the lens of these photo shoots, then you're in for a treat. San Francisco-based photographer Peter Belanger is one of a select few that Apple has brought in to help introduce their products to the world, being as exacting and precise with the lighting, angles, and colors as the brand is with their technology. In this unique interview with The Verge, Belanger gives you a look behind-the-scenes at what an Apple product shoot is like and how he approaches the work. Interesting stuff to say the least. See the interview after the click as well as additional examples of his work.

via: theverge | petapixel