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Phil Knight On How He Became A Believer in Advertising

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Following his recent induction into the Advertising Hall of Fame, Phil Knight, Nike founder and chairman emeritus, sat down with Advertising Age to discuss the story of Nike's success, and how it's inextricably entwined with its brilliant advertising campaigns. Knight dispels the oft-told myth that he was averse to advertising, explaining that when he first met Dan Wieden -- co-founder of Nike's longtime advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, and the person responsible for the brand's iconic "Just Do It" tagline -- Knight told Wieden that what he disliked was traditional advertising. "And so Dan Wieden with his creativity and intensity," Knight says, "made me a big fan of advertising." He adds that media buzz is a crucial component of Nike's marketing efforts, observing that controversy, "under the right circumstances," can be a good thing. Go here to read the feature in its entirety.