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Star Wars: Vader Strikes Back - First Person View of a Lightsaber Duel | Video

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In their quest to pass time till the release of Star Wars Episode VII, martial arts/sci-fi fans clubs Golden Gate Knights and The Stunt People decided to create their very own Star Wars sequel, with one peculiarity however - a first person view of lightsaber duel.

So after a quick rehearsal within a soundstage thrown together and a new GoPro Hero3 setup, the team went to work on Star Wars: Vader Strikes Back. In just about 2 minutes long, the short video focused on the plight of an unknown Jedi and young Padawan, cornered into an epic lightsaber duel with the powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader. The film also highlights the ongoing KICKSTARTER initiative by The Stunt People to turn Vader Strikes Back into an original web series, an enticing proposition since Star Wars Episode VII won't be out till 2015...

via: Gizmodo