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Olympus PEN E-P5 | A Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with Retro Styling

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With the resurgence in retro styling inspiring its design and pro-level specs driving its internal mechanics, the PEN E-P5 is Olympus' latest Mirco Four Thirds Digital Camera making headlines across the industry. It's been almost two years since Olympus has released an upgrade to their E-P3 - which seems like a lifetime these days with the way technology changes - and they pretty much decided to go back to the drawing board with this one, reworking the control layout into one with a more traditional look as well as streamlining the custom functions. Olympus also decided to integrate QR codes in with their Wi-Fi set-up instead of NFC, making connecting another device literally a snap, while also upgrading the AF system, the image-stabilization system, adding a tiltable touch screen, and a host of other photo goodies. Overall, the E-P5 looks nice and performs even better. You can learn more after the click or head to Olympus' online shop to purchase.

via: dpreview