Adobe - Introduces the Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler


Following on the heels of their announcement that they will be moving their services to the cloud, the Adobe team now flexes a different muscle outside of their document publishing wheelhouse: hardware. Dubbed the Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler, this is Adobe's first shot at creating design tools, which come in the form of a pressure-sensitive stylus and a digital ruler, both with plenty of add-on features and goodies that will take your design experience not only from the pen and paper world formally into the pen and tablet domain, but onto a whole new level. Together, the two tools will free you from a sketchbook (and a trashcan full of crumpled-up paper) in place of a digital experience with the ergonomically designed pen and cross-functional Napoleon ruler, so named for its short stature. Both tools work with iOS devices via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection with the content you create easily shareable across other apps and devices using Adobe's Creative Cloud. Keep in mind that these two tools aren't available for sale yet as they are still in development, but there is certainly a lot of excitement surrounding the brand that is worth keeping an eye on.