Chocolate Nike Air Max 1 by Joost Goudriaan


There are a lot of designs circulating around the web, at shows, and at events like Sneaker Con that are so tasty that you can feel a sting in your sweet tooth just looking at them. Taking this concept to the extreme, Dutch designer Joost Goudriaan decided to create several chocolate renditions of the Nike Air Force 1, including a milk chocolate and a white chocolate pair, each with a ridiculous level of detail, texture, and shape that is almost hard to accept as something that is edible. His attention to detail really shows in the texture on the cotton laces, the stitching around the Swoosh, and takes off with the Air unit in the sole and branding on the heel. Originally inspired for sneakerheads to give to their significant others to make up for all the time usually spent day-dreaming about footwear, Goudriaan has even gone so far as contractually obligating the buyer to eat them. Too bad their not also guaranteed to save your relationship.

via: designboom