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Supreme Just Filed a US Federal Trademark for Its Box Logo

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Since nothing is ever coincidental with the success of apparel brand Supreme, it seems there is another reason behind the ongoing legal spat between its owner James Jebbia and Leah McSweeney, founder/designer of Married to the Mob, another New York-base streetwear brand.

The world got wind of the dispute earlier this month when McSweeney published court document filed by Jebbia against her and Married to the MOB for "trademark infringement" over their "Supreme Bitch" parody design. While itself bears much similarities to artworks created by artist Barbara Kruger, Jebbia is asking for $10 million dollars in restitution and damages on the lawsuit filing. But there is more at stake here. It turns out Supreme, which used the famous "box logo" since April 1994, never had the sole right to the design and only filed a trademark application for it with the US Patent and Trademark Office on March 6, 2013. Unfortunately, because of a drawn-out paperwork process, it will take anywhere between six months to two years to have the trademark granted. Thus, a possible reason for Jebbia to filed the lawsuit as a preventive measure. Additionally, the trademark application also stated "…women's, children's and infant's wear…", a hint of what's to come from Supreme as it enters the foray outside of menswear.

Mark: SUPREME Trademark image US Serial Number: 85868057 Application Filing Date: Mar. 06, 2013 Register: Principal Mark Type: Trademark Status: New application will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately 3 months after filing date. Status Date: Mar. 11, 2013

Mark Information Mark Literal Elements: SUPREME Standard Character Claim: No Mark Drawing Type: 3 - AN ILLUSTRATION DRAWING WHICH INCLUDES WORD(S)/ LETTER(S)/NUMBER(S) Description of Mark: The mark consists of the word "Supreme" in white block letters against a red rectangular background. Color Drawing: Yes Color(s) Claimed: The color(s) red and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. Design Search Code(s): 26.11.21 - Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded Related Properties Information Claimed Ownership of US Registrations: 4157110, 4240456 Goods and Services Note: The following symbols indicate that the registrant/owner has amended the goods/services:

Brackets [..] indicate deleted goods/services; Double parenthesis ((..)) identify any goods/services not claimed in a Section 15 affidavit of Asterisks *..* identify additional (new) wording in the goods/services.

For: Women's, children's and infant's wear, namely shirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, under shirts, jerseys, dress shirts, denim jeans, hooded sweat shirts, wraps, warm-up suits, parkas, cardigans, pants, jean jackets, shorts, tops, tank tops, sweat shirts, sweat jackets, sweat shorts, sweat pants, sweaters, vests, pullovers, jackets, coats, reversible jackets, wind-resistant jackets, shell jackets, sports jackets, golf and ski jackets, heavy coats, over coats, top coats, swimwear, beachwear, visors, headbands, ear muffs, thermal underwear, long underwear, underclothes, caps, hats, headwear, scarves, bandanas, belts, pajamas, sleepwear, gloves, boots, rainwear, footwear, shoes and sneakers; dresses; skirts; blouses; robes; children's and infant's polo shirts; children's and infant's rugby shirts; children's and infant's snow suits; children's and infant's cargo pants; infant body suits International Class(es): 025 - Primary Class U.S Class(es): 022, 039 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b) Basis Information (Case Level) Filed Use: No Currently Use: No Amended Use: No Filed ITU: Yes Currently ITU: Yes Amended ITU: No Filed 44D: No Currently 44D: No Amended 44D: No Filed 44E: No Currently 44E: No Amended 44E: No Filed 66A: No Currently 66A: No Filed No Basis: No Currently No Basis: No

via: ANIMAL New York