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Hiroshi Tsubouchi - Sneaker Sole Wingtip Shoes

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After stints at Nike Japan, Aigle, JUN, Patrick, and other international companies, Japanese footwear designer, Hiroshi Tsubouchi, decided to branch out on his own, establishing his footwear label in 2008. The progressive designer stayed at the forefront of footwear market, combining his vast experiences into his designs. Although, Tsubouchi is renowned for shoe designs over sneaker designs, this Sneaker Sole Wingtip Shoes fuses the best of both worlds. Classic wingtip shoe uppers are docked onto performance athletic soles, birthing an interesting aesthetic. Hardcore sneaker enthusiasts and shoe fanatics may not appreciate this design, yet this pair is a good example of the future of men's footwear. These shoes are available from SHIPS online shop in Japan.