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Pivothead Video-Recording Sunglasses

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Like something straight out of a James Bond flick, Pivothead's Video-Recording Sunglasses put a camera where your eyes are, capturing all the action for you and your buds to watch again and again. Using the sunglasses' internal technology is pretty simple to do; just put on the glasses, look at what you want to record, and get at it by pressing the Pivothead logo button forward to record HD-quality video and again to stop and save. Transferring the video from the glasses to to a PC or Mac is simple using a USB cable that directly downloads the data, with free Control Setting Software available to help you edit the final product. Each pair, which come in several different model and colorway options - from the Aurora, Durango, and Moab - come with 8GBs of built-in data storage, with no memory cards or other accessories needed. With so many options and so much functionality, you're sure to find a set to fit your needs. Check 'em out after the click and at the Pivothead online shop.

Pivothead Aurora

Pivothead Durango

Pivothead Moab

Pivothead Recon