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SOPH. acquired by JUN

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In business, independent companies always hit a limit where growth plateaus. In most cases, the slow down is attributed to stagnation in either financial or management situation, or a combination of both. SOPH. founder and designer, Hirofumi Kiyonaga (pictured on the right), assures us that this acquisition by JUN is neither of the above. In fact, Kiyonaga was employed by JUN previously, and is familiar with the company and its director, Susumu Sasaki (pictured on the left). The merger is a strategy to grow SOPH. empire as a global brand, which unfortunately was not possible as an independent company. Kiyonaga will still remain as the Creative Director of SOPHNET., uniform experiment, and F.C. Real Bristol, yet JUN will take control over all of the finances of those brands. It is a new chapter for SOPH. and we will see if this strategy will pay dividends in the future.