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Acoustic Anarchy in Paris - An Exhibition by Mr & Mrs Sabotage at The HUB by DC shoes

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Last September we made sure Mr & Mrs Sabotage's trek around the world was on your radar, where the prolific designer known originally for his sneaker design acumen showcased his skills on larger media. The show, dubbed Acoustic Anarchy in Paris, sponsored by DC Shoes Europe and The Hub, features an exclusive limited series of silkscreen prints as well as workshops attended by Mark Ong himself. To help further hype up the event, the trio has released several key pieces ahead of its opening night, which is scheduled for tomorrow, May 16, including a text and video interview with Ong via the DC Life site as well as exclusive preview shots of some of the pieces already hung and ready for the show. Continue scrolling after the jump to watch the interviews and see what's in store, especially if you can't make it the City of Love sometime in the next month.

15 rue Montorgueil | Map
75001 Paris, France

Opening Night: May 16,  2013 (Thursday)
Exhibition Dates: May 17 - June 22, 2013