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Honda - 2014 Grom Motorcycle

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Honda is doing their best to lure in a new generation of riders, while also recognizing the changes they expect in their new two-wheeled toys, including increased fuel-efficiency. One of the cornerstones of that campaign is this Taiwan-built, fuel-injected 125cc Grom set for a release this August. According to its manufacturer, the Grom packs "all the excitement of a full-sized motorcycle, but in a package that just about anyone old enough to have a license can handle." Obviously they're bias, but when you look at its a reasonable asking price (starting at $2,999), simple, yet appealing styling like gold forks, and maneuverability (as seen in the video below), you can't argue with them too much. Arriving in either a Pearl Red or Metallic black, complete with a projector headlamp, full digital display panel, and 14-inch wheels that just barely carry this outside of scooter classification, this has all the pieces needed for a fun ride. 

via: autoblog