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EcoBoomer iGo - Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

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Got $1,600 to burn and feel walking is so passé? If yes, the EcoBoomer iGo could be what you're looking for. The iGo is a green friendly self balancing electric unicycle that balances itself using gyroscopes while standing on a 16" wheel. It runs on a lithium ion battery and on a full charge, can go roughly 19 miles at a max speed of 13 mph.

While many may see this as a novelty item, those with disabilities or temporary injuries, may see this as a life changer. At 57 lbs, the iGo has a bit of weight on it and is somewhat portable depending on the size of your vehicle's trunk. For more information and spec details, head on over to the EcoBoomer site. Before you go, check out the video below to see the iGo being used on the streets of Beverly Hills.