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Stephen Powers - "Visual Blues" Exhibition | Brussels

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Widely recognized as Espo, Brooklyn's own Steve Powers kicks off a new solo exhibition today, May 16th, entitled "Visual Blues" at the Alice Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Featuring a mixture of both his impromptu pieces - which he calls "Daily Metaltations" - that just surface as he works as well as some of his classic works, all in his signature pop-art lean that ends up making you think about your daily life in an entirely new way just as you end up enjoying their style. For this show, his second with the gallery, Espo attempts to compete with the power  and reach of music, making painting that he believes are visual blues, with subjects ranging from loneliness, unemployment, and relationship problems all in a way that is almost childish, but also direct so that everything can relate to them. In case you can't make it or if you want catch a preview of his work, continue after the click.

Alice Gallery 4 Rue du pays de Liege | Map 1000 Brussels Belgium TEL #: +32-2-513-33-07

Exhibition Dates:  Now - June 22nd, 2013 (Saturday)

via: Arrested Motion