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Flickr - Fully Redesigned Photosharing Platform

Flickr - Fully Redesigned Photosharing Platform
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A precursor to social media and Internet photo sharing service, Flickr started simply as a support tool created by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake for Game Neverending, a massively multiplayer online game. But soon, the couple realized its potential beyond the gaming world and spun off the unit as an independent entity in 2004. Within a year's time, it became part of Yahoo's acquisition centerpiece. Though it gained an even larger audience and outstripped most of its competitors in terms of users through the process, both Yahoo and Flickr failed to capitalize the growing influence of social media. By 2011, it fell out favor among users of Instagram and Pinterest.

To regain its footing once again, Flickr announced earlier today of its brand new initiative to be "Biggr. Spectaculr. Wherevr." Now with one terabyte of storage, user can store their images and videos in full resolution, without the need to compress or crop. In fact, you need take a photo every hour on the hour continuously for forty years and still not about to reach the one terabyte limit. New user interface, such as a rebuilt photostream and a new homepage, gives you an ease of access to all of your visual media. Then, there is the question of accessibility. Adding to its already popular iPhone app, there is now a new Flickr app for Android-base mobile devices, creating an effortless method to update your photostream where and whenever. Log on and take the new and improved Flickr for a spin.

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