While Google Glass is fighting to earn its place on your head as you go about your everyday business, Recon Instruments is aimed entirely at athletes. Their latest product, the Jet, a pair of smart glasses, technically fit in the same space as Google’s Glass, but these are specially built sunglasses made for cyclists, kayakers, runners, and anyone on the move that can benefit from a bit of heads-up display information. Using their own technology, Recon’s glasses present a small monitor in the bottom of the right eye, powered by a dual-core processor that is capable of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and packed with GPS and movement sensors, a high-def camera, and a ton of other features. The up-start from Vancouver isn’t intimidated by the press garnered by Google’s Glass; in fact, they feel it is a huge advantage as potential customers will be more familiar with its style, capabilities, and even the fact that its so readily compared to it. Learn more about Recon’s Jet, which will drop later this year, and how they work after the click. 

Recon Instruments   Jet Smart Glasses







via: CNET