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The Great Gatsby – Movie Brand Identity by Like Minded Studio

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As with any company, brand, or organization, a logo is often the first thing a customer sees and it ultimately helps to define their personality. A logotype is ultimately a visual expression of the substance of a particular emotion, and the script developed for The Great Gatsby film is no different. Instilling the glitz, glamour, and extravagance of the time, Sydney, Australia-based Like Minded Studio worked with film director Baz Luhrman to develop the branding for the film, creating a completely customized typeface that is immediately recognizable as part of the Gatsby brand. The look and details were inspired by the deco alphabet designs of K. H. Schaefer, but the modern, 3-D reinterpretation is the work of Deva Studios, who added the letterings' extra shine and gleam. Often a detail that is easily overlooked if it's done right, but one that sticks out like a sore thumb, if it isn't, you have to take your hat off to what was accomplished with this script.See it in all its over-the-top glory after the click.

via: weandthecolor