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Man of Steel - "Fate of Your Planet" Official Trailer | Video

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The latest trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel foregoes the austerity of the previous clips and instead focuses on the dire stakes at hand, with Michael Shannon's General Zod transmitting a threatening message to the people of earth: "I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. Your world has sheltered one of my citizens. He will look like you, but he is not one of you. To those of you who know his location, the fate of the planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences." We then get a first real glimpse of the action in store for us, depicted in quick jump cuts that leave the viewer wanting more. We'll have to wait till June 14th. Check out the trailer below.