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Stussy x King Of Diggin' Production - DIGOT 2nd Anniversary T-Shirts

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Renowned around DJ circles as King of Diggin', Muro is the mastermind behind his production company, King Of Diggin' Production, and select store, DIGOT. Muro already worked with Stussy on their first anniversary t-shirt, and it looks like he is keeping the tradition alive by going back to the drawing board once again. This year's t-shirts combine the trademark graphics from Stussy and DJ motifs from yesteryear. Huge gold chain and a hat accessorize their staple skull & bones graphic, while the phrase on the back reads Diggin' Tough Inna Rub A Dub Style. Both black and white versions are sold exclusively at DIGOT flagship store in Tokyo and through their webshop.

1-3-3, 1F, Sunforest Morita Building | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo