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Made by Hand - "The Bike Maker" | Video

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Handcrafted products, which have seen a strong resurgence with the rise of sites like etsy, are often times a dime a dozen at craft shows or easily dismissed as the hobby of those with far too much time and money than they know what to do with. Of course, there's far more depth to the market than that; there are creators around the world who truly care about making things - great things -  using only their own two hands, which is exactly what the Made by Hand video series is attempting to document with some rather artful camera work of their own. This episode is the fifth of the series and focuses on a bike maker named Erza Caldwell from Fast Boy Cycles and how is battle with cancer affects his life's work. As you'll soon found out, it's about more than making a finely tuned bike. Well worth your time.