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Range Rover - “MYSTÈRE” Tuned | By HAMANN Motorsport

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A bit of "shock and awe" this week with HAMANN Motorsport announcing the availability of its Range Rover "MYSTÈRE" tuning option. Introduced during the Geneva Motor Show back in March, the over-the-top creation quickly gained the nickname of "Pink Monster" in some circle, for obvious reason. Based on the 2014 Range Rover by Land Rover luxury SUV, HAMANN fashioned a new LED-integrated facia, hood, and front wings in either lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber. A new spoiler went to the vehicle's rear, with merged exhausts and silencers. To give it an aggressive stance, HAMANN widen the overall silhouette by 80mm with the addition of a new side skirt. Lowered by 40mm more with HAMANN's own 23-inch wheels, the German tuning house also added new door sills, sports velour floor mats, and various customization options in Alcantara, leather, carbon, aluminum and stainless steel for the interior. All to match the chromed out exterior in pink or fuchsia.