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JBL Charge Portable Speaker

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This gadget may be just a bit larger than a soda can, but, man does it pack a punch. As with anything wearing the JBL name, this Charge Portable Speaker has the capacity to deliver powerful sound and, with its compact size and other built-in features, it is able to completely cover all your summer-time music bases. In addition to being portable, this JBL can also connect to your music sources via Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm analog input jack, or a USB port, meaning it can not only blast tunes from your phone, it can charge it up in the process (hence the name). Its exterior is also pretty appealing, made with a durable plastic fitted with two 1.5 inch speakers firing through a metal grille while strips on its side allow for the speaker to be set vertically or horizontally. Considering the unit is rated to last 12 hours, has JBL sound quality, is very compact, and can charge your phone -- what else could you ask for out of one of your gadgets? Find it now online at select shops, including JBL, in several colorways.