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Monocle on Taipei Retail

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In a new video feature, Monocle examines the burgeoning retail landscape in Taipei, long overshadowed by flashier regional neighbors like Hong Kong. Video journalist Gabriel Leigh profiles the new retail wave of small shops transforming the city, including the hybrid store ArtYard in Taipei's west end. Situated in a historical neighborhood once considered the hub of the city's tea and textile industries, ArtYard sells hand-made ceramics while doubling as a cultural center. Store founder Yi-Cheng Jou comments that his store's retail concept revolves around the idea that there's beauty in the objects we put in daily use. It's a philosophy that the city's new retail wave has embraced, promoting design, simplicity and utility while rejecting flash and mass market thinking. Considering the competition, it is perhaps the best route for putting Taipei on Asia's shopping map. Check out the video below.