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Printic - Print Vintage Photos from iPhone

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With the popularity of photography these days and the rise of Instagram, technology has taken the average Joe and given them the tools to produce great imagery.  Cameras have gotten more advanced, easier to use, and applications have allowed people to take a photo and through filters, turn that photo into something "artsy" and sometimes special.  With that said, with all this tech and all these digital options, how often do you actually see a printed picture? When was the last time you went through a someone's physical photos?

Printic is here to solve that problem. Printic is an app that you download that allows you to purchase and share printed images at .99 a print. The user selects the image they want, selects the recipients, and Printic takes care of the rest. In a few short days, you, your friend, or family member receive a picture in the mail and smiles are shared. For more information on this cool technology, check out the Printic site.