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VANS x AW Lab - "Action Gallery" Exhibition | Milan

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VANS Italy is teaming up with AW Lab to host an interactive digital art exhibition entitled, Action Gallery, in Italy. With the rapid advancement in technology aiding budding artists and creative minds, art is not restricted to the physical world. In particular, GIF art has become more commonplace in the last few years, drawing attention to its unique characteristics. Leading GIF artists have been invited to partake in the event, including Adam Ferris, Erdal Inci, Georges Jacotey, Haydi Roket, Philippe Blanchard, Rrrrrrrroll, Vince McKelvie, and Walter Giordano. Two events will be held at Milan and Napoli at the end of this month.

AG Milano
Via Calabiana 6 | Map
Milan, Italy

Exhibition Date: May 25, 2013 (Saturday)

AG Napoli
Casa della Musica
Via Barbagallo 115 | Map
Napoli, Italy

Exhibition Dates: May 30, 2013 (Thursday)