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PediPower - Energy-Generating Shoes

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While many college grads look back at their college years and remember the keg parties, football tailgates, and spring break trips and hold their record string of beer pong victories as their biggest accomplishment, these guys from Rice University actually have done something really productive. Four mechanical engineering students have created what they're calling, "PediPower," or a pair of energy-generating shoes that are able to create and store energy with every step, which could one day be integrated into a tool used to power small portable electronics such as medical devices and pacemakers. The device uses the heel strike of your step and your body's weight to push a lever, which, in turn, rotates a gear within a gearbox that ultimately gets stored in a generator within the shoe. The next step? Reduce the size and weight of the PediPower so "if you showed someone the shoe, you wouldn't even see the device."

via: Rice University