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DARPA - Warrior Web Prototype

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You don't have to sign on the dotted line to serve with Uncle Sam to know that carrying a 60-pound pack for miles over rough terrain can be hard on your back and killer on your joints. With superhuman equipment at the forefront of the public eye with movies like Iron Man, defense organizations are now rushing to capitalize on the interest in exoskeletons capable of providing soldiers with more protection, power, and stamina. However, instead of building an energy-hungry and bulky suit that is sure to drain our government coffers, the U.S. Defense Applied Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has begun a new program called Warrior Web, which is a "lightweight, conformal undersuit" that works with our natural mechanics. Instead of making soldiers all robotic, the suits help troops to do their normal work more efficiently and safely, providing functional and adaptive support under the uniform, complete with sensors to help prevent injuries and reduce strain. The project is just beginning, but - as with any major advancement - you need to walk before you can run. Learn more after the click.