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Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System | By MonkeyLectric

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It isn't the market's first LED lighting system for cycling and certainly not the only one on crowd-sourcing site KICKSTARTER. However, the Monkey Light Pro by MonkeyLectric may just be the most entertaining one out there.

Consists of 4 bar-shape circuit boards with 256 full-color LEDs attached, the Monkey Light Pro produces a full-wheel image once the bike is in moion at slow speed. Visible on both sides, a 2-axis accelerometer along with a series of magnetic sensors monitor speed, position and direction of rotation. This enable the display to be visible at different speed from 10 to 40 mph, even when you're riding backward.

Made from solid rubber and proprietary 80A clear urethane, the system is water-resistant and all-weather proof. With a flash drive storage of up to 1000 media files, the runtime from its integrated battery usually lasts anywhere between 3 to 8 hours on full brightness setting, around 48 hours at reduced brightness. Thanks to its Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can customize your own "playlist" setting, upload your own animations and images through a web-base software, or use the pre-load image portfolio from artists/designers David Ope, Yoshi Sodeoka, Devon Penney, Shelley Eshkar, Kevin Kunzman, Natalie Walsh, Katya Popova, Noah Vawter, and more…

Fits on wheels 26-inch or larger, the Monkey Light Pro is a great promotional tool for both cycling safety and a fun riding experience. The kit is available now for a payment of $495 or more on crowd-sourcing site KICKSTARTER. Delivery is set for December 2013.