The 'B' Remote Control Hybrid Car-Helicopter

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It’s 2013 and still, no flying cars clogging our cities' skyways. For now, the closest we may get to the sensation of driving an airborne car is the B, a remote-controlled hybrid car-helicopter with a patent pending design. Creator Don Vitenzo of the UK built the B with a lightweight polycarbonate shell, one that rides on massive rear-drive wheels that allow it to tackle any terrain. When the obstacles become impassable, the B can simply take off and fly over them, thanks to a patent pending mechanism called Propelling Drive Unit. (In simple terms, the technology can be described as any part of the propeller going through the vertical plane of the wheel.) The B is capable of 15 minutes of action on a single charge, and features an onboard HD camera (with 1280x720 resolution) to document its missions. Check out a video overview below, then head over to the project's Kickstarter page for more information.