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Topo Designs Trip Pack

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Seeing anything with a, ‘Made in the USA’ tag these days is like spotting a unicorn - it’s wildly exciting and almost no one is going to believe you. When you do find out items are made here in the good ol’ U-S of A it’s always cool, and the folks over at Topo Designs craft all their goods right in the heart of Colorado.  Earlier we took a look at their Travel Bag and today we're taking a look at their Trip Pack.  A backpack for day hikes, stowing comfortably under the seat of an airplane, or toting around the city - the Trip Pack prides itself on functionality and style. And as any fellow backpack wearing individual is aware, its what’s on the inside that truly matters. Apart from regular storage, the Trip Pack comes equipped with an inner zippered pocket, perfect for securing an iPad, notebook, ect., Not enough? The Trip Pack has been ergonomically designed to be easily integrated with the earlier mentioned and larger more substantial Travel Bag backpack from Topo Designs as well. A solid blend of style, efficiency, and fine American labor, the Trip Pack is both an optimal and fresh day pack.