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Incase Tinted iPhone 5 Snap Cases

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What’s cooler looking than having an iPhone with no case, right? After all, thousands of man/lady hours are put into designing the iPhone to have a sleek, thin exterior, which aesthetically pleads not to be veiled. Unfortunately for humans, clumsiness is as much a part of life as thumbs. Hasn’t almost everyone at one point or another used their crotch as a catapult, sending their phone flying across the pavement as they exited their vehicle? Yes. The answer is, yes. So why not meet in the middle? The fine folks of Incase have recently released their all new, Tinted Snap Case for iPhone 5. This easy-on, easy-off case, comes in a myriad of colorful shades, is thin, lightweight, and translucent, so as not to completely transform the device. Most importantly, the Tinted Snap Case also carries enough durability to avoid shattering your phone into a gazillion pieces after falling from the comfort of your lap onto the unforgiving parking deck floor. Check out the all new Tinted Snap Case for iPhone 5, by Incase and allow your phone to look stylish and protected, but still remain close to it’s birthday suit.