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Banksy - “Slave Labour" Mural Sells For $1.1 Million At Auction

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Banksy's notorious "Slave Labour" mural has sold for $1.1 million through a private London auction. Depicting a grim-faced child assembling Union Jack bunting while crouched at a sewing machine, the mural originally appeared in May 2012 on the wall of a Poundland retail store in Wood Green, London. It disappeared the following February, only to reappear for sale by Fine Art Auctions in Miami -- a listing arranged at the behest of the owners of the Wood Green Poundland building. But the lot was mysteriously taken down in the last minute, and now it's in the hands of an unnamed buyer following a private auction by the Sincura Group, held at a members-only event in the basement of the London Film Museum in London's Covent Garden. The sale has been protested from the starts from street art enthusiasts who believe "Slave Labour," like other Banksy works, belong for public viewing where they first appeared.

 via: Bloomberg