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Love Hultén - R-Kaid-42 Wooden Retro Gaming Console

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Traditional bulky game consoles fit affectionately into that of a college dormitory or frat house, but can be pimples on the face of a tastefully done, living room, rec room, or finished basement. With Sweedish designer, Love Hulten’s latest contribution of the ‘R Kaid 42’ to the gaming world however, consoles may soon begin appearing in well-decorated recreational spaces everywhere. When in use the, R-Kaid-42 is a proficient two-player joystick based, gaming console, that features over 20,000 games, 1.8 GHz CPU, a 32 or 64 GB SSD storage, and 4GB of RAM to boot. All that an old school gamer could want. When dormant however, the device appears as a well-crafted objet d’art. Boxed in fine wood, the R Kaid 42 is a quick assemble, disassemble, chic unit that holds with it a lifetime of nostalgic enjoyment. And although it comes with what appears to be a hefty price tag of around $1,000 - remind yourself, this isn’t something that gets tossed in two years when a new one comes out. This puppy is a keeper.

via: GizMag