What Led Andre Agassi Back to the Swoosh


On the occasion of his induction into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame, former tennis great Andre Agassi talked to reporters about his Prodigal Son relationship with Nike. The brand announced Agassi's return to the fold following an eight-year absence last month, a surprise move that was precipitated by shared tears with Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Agassi says he received a phone call from Knight "looking for guidance in a particular area," and Agassi replied he would help only if he could travel to Portland for a face-to-face meeting. He had wanted to tell Knight, "Thank you for the live you have given me, and I am sorry for the way it ended." The two would meet for an emotional reconciliation in November, and months later Knight would call to ask, "How much interest would you have in coming back?" Agassi agreed, and the announcement of a new endorsement deal -- arranged solely through Agassi and Knight -- was made May 13th, with Agassi fronting a new physical fitness campaign called Designed to Move. Agassi likened his reunion with Nike as "returning to a family."