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Lexus LFA Tribute | Video

Lexus LFA Tribute | Video
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If you’re like us, you fell in love with the Lexus LFA when you saw Richard Hammond test drive the Japanese supercar on BBC's Top Gear. "It's the real deal," he declared, noting that the Gallardo-like 552 horsepower and attendant sleek lines conveyed the kind of sex appeal one wouldn't normally associate with the Lexus name. Its uniqueness was compounded by its limited production -- only five hundred units were built, meaning we cringed when we saw Tony Hawk jump over a borrowed one. December 2012 saw the final Lexus LFA roll off the production floor, and Lexus has unveiled a fitting video tribute in honor of its $375,000 supercar. (Like all good things it couldn't have lasted, especially considering that Lexus lost money on every LFA produced.) And though the Lexus will never build another one, the automaker states that "the materials, knowledge and techniques used in its creation will live on in future Lexus vehicles." Check out the video below.