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NIKEiD Air Force 1 iD – Clear Design Options

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Years ago, Nike turned the sneaker world upside down when they released their Air Force 1 line, but now they're turning things inside out with the release of Clean Options into their NIKEiD Air Force 1 iD program. Sporting a clear patent leather build around the toe mixed with optional gleaming paneling for the vamp, heel, and Swoosh, Nike is hoping that you're not shy about baring your socks for the whole world to see. Options are available in both Low and High silhouettes, with additional options to customize the midsole, eyelets, and outsole with transparency or sparkle patent materials for a unique look. If you need more inspiration, continue browsing after the click before heading to NIKEiD to make your pair now. Just make sure your socks are up to snuff, too.