Hodgy Beats - "Untitled 2" EP | Free Download


Members of the alternative hip-hop collective Odd Future have been making some serious noise for the past two years to both the adulation and scorn of critics worldwide. From a musical standpoint Tyler, the CreatorFrank Ocean and to a lesser extent Earl Sweatshirt have had their come up as solo artists, so it's easy for the rest of the ensemble to get cast into the background or lost in the constantly swirling social controversies the group spawns.

But with Hodgy Beats (1/2 of MellowHype) releasing his second solo EP "Untitled 2" as a free download at OFWGKTA, it's hard not to get caught up in the tightly-knit lyrics and the mixture of beats ranging from laid back chill-hop to mosh pit inducing rock. While he might not be making headlines tomorrow with Tyler and Frank, it would be a mistake to sleep on this this freebie.

Head on over to OFWGKTA to download "

Untitled 2