Hasselblad Lunar Camera


Hasselblad has been known to turn the concept of camera and subject on its head, producing products that are often more deserving of attention than those things standing in front of their lenses. In addition to producing camera's with stellar image quality and overall technical performance, with the Lunar, Hasselblad now introduces the concept of personal customization to their heirloom-quality products, giving buyers the choice of 5 different top plates and several grips to create what is essentially art in itself. All the functionality across the designs is the same, including a 24 megapixel make-up, meaning your photos will draw just as much attention as its Swedish and Italian-born design. Standard models begin with a $6,800 price tag, with additional options going up from there. If you're interested in this remake of the 500C taken to space in 1957 in Buzz Aldrin's pocket, head to the premium camera retailer nearest you.