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NBA 2K14 - LeBron James Cover Model | Release Date

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2K Sports announced yesterday that LeBron James will be their new frontman for the cover of "NBA 2K14," revealing a decision that seems oh-so-obvious. But, given the fact that LeBron is well on track to a Hall of Fame career, has racked up four NBA MVP awards, played in four NBA finals, and now wears an NBA ring, it's almost hard to believe that it took this long for us to be writing this type of story up. Releasing on PS3, XBox 360, and PC later this Fall, the announcement was revealed by 2K in a TV spot airing just before the start of Game 1 of the NBA finals, staring the brand's new cover-man and a "private investigator." James himself followed-up the ad with his own clip on 2K's YouTube channel mentioning something about a King James Bonus pack available to those who pre-order. See the ad after the click and learn more about the launch here.

Release Date: October 1st, 2013 (Tuesday)