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Rick Ross Comments On Reebok Situation

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In a recent interview with MTV, famed rapper Rick Ross, aka Ricky Rozay, was asked about losing his sneaker-deal with Reebok on the heel of his controversial lyrics in the song, “U.O.E.N.O.” After having been excused from the contract in April of this year, Ross stated in the interview, "I'm in a position where if I never sold another shoe, Rozay good. So it's really about what the little homeys who coming next gonna take away from it," in reference to the other Maybach Music Group (MMG) artists. Ross also stated, as he exercised his right to brevity, that "As far as myself and Reebok, we got a healthy situation." With MMG set to release their compilation album August 6th, Self Made, Vol. 3., it doesn’t appear Ross will be making any “Reebok diss records” anytime soon. Check out the vid below for the full interview with Rozay.

via: MTV