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Nike - New Ad "The Sport of Golf" featuring Tiger Woods

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It may not have the hard hits of football, the cross-checks of hockey, or the fanatically wild fans of soccer, but golf is a demanding sport in its own right. Don't believe the hype? Just try to play a round of 18 and watch how mentally fatiguing it is to stay that sharp, calm, and precise day after day. Of course, Nike Golf has their own line of shoes, clothes, gear, and celebrity endorsements, but if you need a bit more proof that golf is just as intense of a sport as the rest of them, check out this latest ad. In it, you see Tiger Woods playing golf against the backdrop of other sports, including boxing, track and field, baseball, and basketball creating quite the interesting ad that proves that there is an athlete in every golfer, too. With Father's Day and the U.S. Open just around the corner, this unique type of creatively is just what you can expect from the Swoosh. View it after the click.