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maharishi - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

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Creative Director, Hardy Blechman, has designed the maharishi – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection with the “modern-day prepper” in mind. In the past, the term “prepper” was given to people who prepared for the end, storing food, supplies, and weaponry (for defensive purposes) in their backyards. Today, preppers are much more pacifist: they store seeds and plan to grow their own food supply, hence yielding the collection’s name, “Pacifist Preppers”. Already known for its pithy camouflage creations, maharishi’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection features an English Oak and berries print, an ombre-toned cameo ensemble, and a fury black coat that emulates the robustness of the fabled Abominable Snowman. Dark forest green, brown, and black hues dominate the collection, while boots, cargo pants, and heavy knit pieces convey the brand’s signature concept of military minimalism. If the end is near, at least we can keep calm and dress appropriately. Check out video and images of their upcoming collection below.

via: Hayabusa