Nixon - Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook | Video

Nixon - Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook | Video
Nixon - Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook | Video - 0

If you’re looking for arm candy, the Nixon Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook has plenty to offer the stylish skater/snowboarder/surfer/athletically inclined hipster. For the men, there’s the industrial October with its circular metal frame and black leather strap; the bad-ass Sniper Collection consisting of a stealthy black color scheme and gold clockwork; the 48-20 Chrono with steal bezel and straps, a black face, and inconspicuous yellow dots noting the 12 spot and the second hand; and the Gunsmith Collection featuring a classic design of leather straps and a white face.

The women can indulge in a bit more color with the two-toned Dip-Dye Collection’s spectrum of summery yellow, purple, and teal hues. The Unit 40 (a digital accessory) is also nice on the eyes with its playful coloring of mint green. More serious watches for the females are the Big Player (an apologetically flashy, all gold analog watch) and the designs of the Velvet Collection, which are essentially a collection of black metal accessories tinged with an alluring design of purple and pink smoke. All are available now at a Nixon dealer near you.