Oakley: Ryan Sheckler "Beyond Reason"Commercial


Pro skater Ryan Sheckler broke his foot last year attempting a backside 360 over a crescent-shaped ledge in downtown Sydney, Australia. When he returned to Sydney in March 2013, Sheckler had redemption on his mind. He and his crew discovered an elevated concrete staircase in the heart of Sydney, surrounded by a busy street that slanted a treacherous 30 degrees at the landing spot. Sheckler's attempts to land a staggering half-cab over the stairs were captured as part of Oakley's "Beyond Reason" campaign. Over footage of his initial failed attempts, the California native lists the various injuries he's suffered over the years, before announcing, "My injuries are a part of me … For me that's a part of skateboarding that really makes me know that I'm alive." Check out the video below.