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Zero Motorcycles - MMX Electric for US Special Forces

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The U.S. Special Forces naturally place a premium on stealth for their covert operations, so it's no surprise that the military organization has called on Zero Motorcycles to create an electric machine that delivers unique tactical advantages over a traditional combustion motorcycle. Based on the Northern Californian outfit's MX model, the 2013 Zero MMX Military Motorcycle features keyless ignition, a military spec dash with centralized mainline controls, switchable headlights for nighttime stealth and a pre-wired setup for front and rear infrared systems. A fully adjustable suspension allows travel over any kind of terrain, including wet operational abilities in up to one meter submersion. Power comes from an all new Z-Force motor, producing 54 ponies and 68 lb-ft of torque, with performance characteristics adjustable via Bluetooth and a smart phone enabled with the Zero Motorcycles mobile app. According to Zero Motorcycles, much of the technology it developed for the military will find its way to the brand's off-road MX, FX and XU civilian models.



via: Autoblog