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Balleri - Color Buckle Belt

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Hand made in Italy, Roberto Balleri established leather company, Balleri, in 1973 in a small workshop in Ferrara, Italy. Keeping up with current styles and trends, Balleri launched this Color Buckle Belt, combining classic leather belt and neon colored buckles. Darkota natural leather is basic yet high in quality; the cowhide weathers as the wearer uses it over long period. The brass buckles are painted in fluoro tones, coated to protect it from being damaged. Look out for these belts at Balleri stockists and through Silver and Gold online shop in Osaka, Japan.

Silver and Gold Minami Senba
4-9-11 Minamisenba | Map
Chuo-ku, Osaka

Silver and Gold Umeda
1-3 Tsurunocho | Map
Kita-ku, Osaka