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Sasquatch Music Festival - Doubles Up in 2014

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What started out as a novel idea at Coachella to expand its festivities to two sequential weekends has spread like a beautiful contagion to other festivals throughout the states like Austin City Limits (ACL) and now Sasquatch 2014. The driving factor for expansion at Coachella and ACL was to open up the iconic festivals, that often sell out immediately, to more people, providing a near identical experience with similar lineups on both weekends. But Sasquatch is different. They're going in a different direction.

Sasquatch 2014 will run for two weekends, but they won't be back-to-back. The first weekend will be the weekend of May 23rd through 25th; and the second weekend will run for 4th of July weekend, the 4th through 6th. More importantly, the lineups will be completely different. No carbon copies here. Different seasons, different bands, and a new format may be a game changer enticing locals and out-of-towners alike to hit Sasquatch twice in one year. Stay tuned for more details...

via: KEXP