Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-One Wireless Performance DJ


Whether you've been spinning beats on the one's and two's for years or just dreaming of getting into the business, Pioneer's just announced XDJ-R1 All-in-One Wireless Performance DJ system could be the unit you need to raise your game. In addition to its ability to play music from USB, built-in CD players, or external line/phono sources, the XDJ has a host of mobile DJ-friendly specs, including a mic-in and booth and XLR outputs. The system can even run with a laptop as a traditional Midi/audio interface controls or wirelessly (it has its own WiFi network)  via apps on iPhone, iPad touch, or their own new app, Remotebox. However you choose to control the music, you have three cue-points buttons, a built-in sampler, and a rack at the back to hold your chosen device. If you need a little more convincing that this system can cope with your style of DJing, Pioneer has put together two pretty good videos after the click which we recommend watching. Otherwise, it's a pretty solid standalone unit that represents the future of DJing. It launches late June for $899 via Pioneer.