K.Olin Tribu x NooN - Spray Paint Can Porcelain Sculpture Edition 1


At the crossroad where life imitates art and art imitates life, there is this new work by French artist NooN. A sculptor by training, who took up the finite craft of porcelain making nearly ten years ago, NooN's fascination in the vitality of street art led him to create this, the Spray Paint Porcelain Edition 1. Done as a collaboration with Limoges-base art brand K.Olin Tribu, the limited edition artwork stands at 19cm (7.4 inches) in height with a width of around 7.5cm (3 inches). Limited to a production of 50 units, each made from fine extra white porcelain with hand-painted floral details in black. All available later tonight through K.Olin Tribu's online store.